Our Vision is to create a Happy Learning environment where gaining knowledge is fun and easy to create and share your own course with others on one place for work and for leasure!

Gain knowledge

Never stop learning, we have always something new for You!

Enjoy learning

We make it fun! You will receive all kind of badges after completing different quizes and you will also earn certificates after completion of each course!

Share your knowledge

Create Your own course and share it with the growing community of experts.

Give feedback

As course creator get in touch with other teachers to improve your courses. As student let's interact with others who also enrolled to the course.

Who We Are


Kornel Sverteczki

As the CEO of the company and head of IT management he will provide you the whole IT background, just like software developers, servers, storage capacities,webdesigners etc. in order to let you focus on your job : the smoothly running e-learning business and your e-learning community


One of the  best educational professional in Hungary. Her nearly 40 year long expertise covers everything about lower, higher, vocational education and about their affiliation to any e-learning requirement. She will support you in your content transition from offline knowledge materials into professional e-learning materials.


Online Marketing Strategist, Marketing expert, SEO professional, Development technical lead. A natural born online marketing talent and IT project coordinator. He can support you in the administration of the whole Course-Center LMS  and drive it to the edge, because he built it up from zero. He will be the one, who will organize, manage and execute the entire online marketing campaign from SEO optimalization, facebook-ad campaigns, Google ad campaigns and so on….


As head of sales he and his team will negotiate with all the companies, who are willing to buy and to be involved into your world-class e-learning courses and e-learning communities.

Zoltán Erdős

Owner and strategic advisor. Spent several Years reorganising companies and support startups in different domains.